R.S. Miles also offers comprehensive lab work and certified lab testing. Our services include the most up to date, state of the art non-destructive tests available.

Below are a few of the services we specialize in.

  • Liquid Penetrant Examination

    Liquid Penetrant Inspection (classically employing nonferrous materials) exposes discontinuities that are open to the surface of the part.

  • Magnetic Particle Examination

    For ferromagnetic components, Magnetic Particle Inspection will reveal abnormalities that are at or near the surface of the part.

  • Radiography Examination

    Our state-of-the-art equipment has the capabilities of producing sharp, well-defined, high quality radiographs always within strict code compliance throughout the industry.

  • Visual Examination

    Every product requires the first step in examination through visual inspection. All our Certified Welding Inspectors are carefully documented and trained.

  • Ultrasonic Examination

    Reliable, safe quality examination of weldments or aerospace applications constitutes Ultrasonic contact or Immersed Ultrasonic Inspection. This inspection offers internal inspection other than radiography for safety issues or complex aerospace components and ferrous / nonferrous fabrications.